About Me​​

I started on my journey into myself and this universe after a car accident I was in on August 25, 1988. On the eve of my Birthday on the 24th of August I went out with friends to celebrate. It was a couple hours after midnight we were on our way home and got into the accident. I had just officially turned 16 years old (almost 29 years ago). I knew.. as I was told by the Police Officers at the scene..that I should not have survived. However,  I walked away without so much as a scratch or a bruise. It was a rainy night and we went off a curve, into the air/did a 360% turn and landed on top of trees in a wooded area. I had not had my seatbelt on the entire car ride. Moments before the accident the driver of the car (I was in passenger seat) asked me if I had my belt on and said to put it on. The seatbelt clicked in as we were going off the curve. During the accident I felt hands on the vehicle. It felt as if we were a toy car and the hands picked up the car and then gently set it down on top of the trees. I had been protected and saved. I did not sleep for days after the accident. Whenever I would try to close my eyes I would see us going off the curve. I knew with every fiber of my being that surviving that accident was a miracle and that I would never look at life the same way again. I knew the hands were real and that meant there was more to life and this World/Universe then my young mind had realized. It was an awakening and I was wide awake now.

I then became obsessed with knowledge/metaphysics/spirituality. I believe I survived to make a difference and help others. My hopes are that my knowledge, guidance, and writing can help others find more peace, happiness and love in their lives.