Radiant Awakenings​

Welcome to my little corner of the web
There is so much MAGIC in the universe!! We are SO powerful and I believe my life purpose is to help others discover that power. I am a Reverand, Author, Healer, Channel and hypnotist, Etc.  who had spent over 25 studying myself and all things metaphysical. Some think the saying "life is what we make it" is just that a saying..I believe they are some of the wisest words and keys to living the lives we dream of.  
On this site you will find information on my upcoming book along with Videos and information on Seminars and classes that I will be holding. 

Make sure you check out:  https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com 
I am a WUVIP and can be found by searching my name. Also feel free to look around its an amazing site with many people who are looking to help make this world a better place!!